Being a real estate agent in Lakeland, helping people reach their goals is something that is a passion of John-Michael Elliott’s.

He firmly believes that a good agent needs to have certain qualities in order to be able to offer their clients the best service. The characteristics outlined below are ones that you should look for in an agent when you are making your decision and even during the buying or selling process.

Without further ado, let’s look at 5 Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent:

1. Communication/Openness

A good agent will be a great communicator. One thing that John-Michael Elliott does is communicate extremely well with his clients from the very first meeting. Properties come and go very fast and it’s important that your agent is contacting you the moment he or she finds out about a listing or a potential offer. This is crucial to everyone but especially those who are purchasing for the first time and may not be so familiar with the process.

2. Great Knowledge

Another very important trait that a good agent will have is a wealth of knowledge. Especially when it comes to real estate, working with someone who has a solid understanding of the local area and can answer any real estate question without hesitation is a sign of a good agent. John-Michael Elliott is very knowledgeable about Lakeland neighborhoods and knows all of the ins-and-outs of the area, including reputations, history, future growth, price comparisons and more.

3. Honesty

This one is pretty straightforward. Nobody likes a liar and it’s even truer when it comes to something as significant as real estate. People are putting many resources into finding or selling a home and when they hire a real estate agent they are looking for someone who will be 100% honest with them at all times. Honesty is a personal characteristic that John-Michael takes pride in having.

4. They’re Eager

You probably don’t want to hire an agent who only waits to do something when you tell him/her to do it. A good agent will be proactive in the field and constantly be feeding you information on what the status of your sale/purchase is. If you have to continuously call your agent for information or ask for status updates, they’re not getting the job done effectively.

5. Own a Strong Network

The top agents have a solid network of connections within the real estate industry. This ranges from other agents, brokers, past clients, mortgage professionals, home inspectors and more. The greater number of contacts that an agent has the better off you will be in the end. Not only will the agent have a way for you to connect with these people but it also shows that your agent is someone who has obviously been around the block a few times and who has built trust among their peers.

When it’s time to buy or sell a home, consider these 5 things when you’re looking for a good real estate agent. John-Michael Elliott is a Lakeland real estate agent who meets each and every one of these characteristics and his former clients can vouch for him. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the area, contact him today!