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We are committed to providing safe, clean, and properly maintained homes to our residents.

In order to comply with the Florida Warranty of Habitability,  Florida judicial law, and Elliott & Eijo Group standards, the below items must be completed before we will advertise and rent a property.

What is Rent Ready

  • Property professionally cleaned and free of trash and debris, inside and outside.
  • HVAC system to be in good operating condition, with a new filter installed.
  • All mechanical elements including appliances operating as designed.
  • Caulking in kitchen and bathrooms shall be clean and free of mildew
  • Doors and locks all functioning properly.
  • Windows must open, close, and lock properly and window screens be in good condition.

Full Rent-Ready Requirements

In order to comply with both internal and state rental housing requirements, including the Florida Warranty of Habitability requirements, every property must meet the below list in order to be fully advertised and be ‘Rent-Ready’.


  1. Professionally cleaned to ‘Hotel Room Clean’
  2. Carpet professionally cleaned and looking fresh
  3. All painted surfaces fresh with no mis-match touch-up areas and repainting must be done corner to corner.
  4. All bedroom windows must have vertical or mini-blinds
  5. No personal property or items in the unit. This includes furniture, knickknacks, toiletries, shower curtains, Kleenex boxes, kitchen or bathroom items, soap dispenser, pictures, etc.
  6. No lawn equipment including mowers, tools, etc.
  7. Garage floor swept
  8. No exterior debris
  9. Lawn cut and trimmed
  10. Landscaping fresh and clean
  11. Carbon monoxide detectors installed within 15 feet of each bedroom. ONLY wall mounted, NO plug-in units. (If Gas Appliances located at the property)
  12. Smoke detectors on each floor
  13. Smoke detectors installed per fire codes and less than 10 years old.
  14. Back sliding door must have vertical blinds
  15. All light bulbs working
  16. Doors open & close smoothly and doorstops installed on all doors
  17. Bathroom caulking must be fresh and free of any mildew
  18. All mechanical components working as designed. Includes HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, sump pumps, water softeners, sprinkler systems, gas fireplaces, water filtration systems, etc.
  19. Safety railings secure
  20. Wood-burning fireplace(s), if operational, shall be clean of any debris and have a fireplace screen or heat-proof glass doors installed. If non-operational, the fireplace opening on the interior of the home shall be permanently sealed with an aesthetically pleasing material.


  1. All windows should have vertical or mini blinds.
  2. No draperies on windows
  3. All windows should have screens (Florida Statues Requirement)

This list is not meant to cover each and every make-ready required item, but it does list some of the most important and often overlooked.

The Property Management business is a complex and rather difficult industry to navigate in today’s world.  It is extremely important to have a professional management team that is versed in fair housing laws as well as the ever changing laws and statutes associated with managing a rental property.  One small mistake can be very costly and that is why you should hire a professional property manager.

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Based on 301 reviews
Our move in has been very smooth with Elliot & Eijo. Giorgio has been our main point of contact and the communication has been amazing, he has always answered our questions very quickly and detailed, making the process painless. Maria and Manny have been very helpful as well. The process has been very simple and straight forward, so far everyone has been very attentive and helpful. We are very grateful for how great the service has been during such a stressful time!** I wanted to provide an update on my review to include how wonderful Mrs. Helen has been. She has been available and helpful with all our questions and concerns.
Kp Vs
Kp Vs
I found myself in the catchy situation of a quick sale/closing on my home. Great on the sale side, but I needed to find a rental on very short notice, a HUGE source of stress for my wife and I. After a week+ of searching, resetting, searching, etc., and being ignored by more than one of the larger property management companies, I discovered a great property with Elliott & Eijo.I explained my situation to Maria Coca in my initial contacts and she shared my urgency when she connected me with Giorgio Guzman.Giorgio made the application process move quickly and smoothly. He then moved Heaven and Earth to ensure everything was in place on an expedited timeline.My experience with Elliott & Eijo is just getting started, but if the next 12 months is anything like the last 24 hours, I win!The stressful situation I was in will be just a small slice of my life, but you changed it in the best possible direction. Thanks to Maria and Giorgio and your team!
Matt Thaens
Matt Thaens
Elliot & Eijo Property Management is an excellent company. They're doing an excellent job in managing my rental home in Lakeland FL. Especially, Helen, Giorgio, and Richard have helped me so much when I am thousands of miles away from my rental property. Helen has also taken a great care of everything from maintenance to inspection. She's providing excellent support as well as flawlessly completing all property maintenance jobs/tasks with great professionalism.Thank you so much.
Mike Ngo
Mike Ngo
Just want to give a Shout Out to Julia and Helen at Elliott & Eijo for helping me get an insurance inspection arranged! I have been with this property management group for over 5 years. The entire team works hard to keep my rentals filled and provides great service for our real estate needs! Many Thanks!
Dawn Bagley
Dawn Bagley
I have been using Elliott&Eijo for years and they always have been professional, diligent and reliable, they do an excellent job taking care of the Tenants and Owners needs.Helen is responsive and driven to get the maintenance needs promptly done.Julia and Giorgio get the properties promptly rented and keeping the owner in the loop about the leasing process.Richard is always friendly, professional and his advice alone is invaluable when running my real estate investments.Best property management company in Lakeland!
Rafael Nunez
Rafael Nunez
Helen Jackson has been amazing helping me work out all the issues the tenant reported. She was always gracious, friendly, and would go above and beyond. She is extremely competent. She keeps me informed. I am truly blessed to be working with Helen.
shirley myers
shirley myers
I just want to say my experience working with Giorgio leasing specialist has been tremendous. He was very thorough with the application process. I was able to get approve right before my lease is over. I want to thank you again, you made this experience quite easy and I’m grateful. I’m now in a safer environment for my children and I. 5 stars ⭐️
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas
My wife and I had a great experience with both the property management services and through the eventual selling of our home. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff and we would definitely recommend them.
Eric Sexton
Eric Sexton
Giorgio is very professional and very patient. He definitely has a passion for what he does. Communication is on point and the information he provides is best to his knowledge. One of the best customer service providers I have ever interacted with..
Sherica Thomas
Sherica Thomas
Giorgio has been nothing short of amazing throughout the entire process! I was made aware of every detail and wasn't left with any questions!!! I was given the option of communicating via text, email or call which made everything so smooth! Giorgio was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly personable!!!! Over all, I am extremely grateful and excited for my new home thanks mostly to how I was treated!
Lamanda Jurnigan
Lamanda Jurnigan
Experience during the process was smooth and fast, the agent assigned to assisting me was Giorgio and he was a pleasure to work with, extremely helpful.
dariel perez
dariel perez
We rented a duplex through them and we can definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Ms.Helen is always so pleasant to talk to and very helpful and always willing to listen with some of our issues. Communicating with them is so easy. And also, Manny whose involved on showing the unit is a really nice guy too. Me and my husband have a pleasant experience whenever we encounter him. Ms.Maria has been so patient with my questions when I talked to her and explained to me everything about my lease questions and Giorgio was very good communicating with us when we started our application. We appreciate y'all and thank you for everything! We hope to do business with you guys in the future when we're finally ready to get our house!
Cherielyn Craig
Cherielyn Craig
Helen is a real asset to your team. She has been very helpful and very plesant to deal with. We have used Elliot and Eijo for our management team for the past 16 or so years.I have to say, Helen always gets back to me about any issue quickly and pleasantly. Thank you Helen, for all your help!
Maryann Labombard
Maryann Labombard